Scholarship Program

Although the WCRP (Pool) provides a number of training topics and opportunities to its members, it simply can't provide all the important, specialized and relevant training pertinent to risk management for our members. Often there are training options available outside of the County or the Pool that members' officials or employees would attend or receive, given adequate resources. To make available access to quality training, the WCRP Board of Directors has authorized a SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

Scholarship funds are to assist member counties in accessing opportunities for training in risk management. The training is to be liability-related, benefit the individual county and, if possible, brought back and shared with the entire Risk Pool membership.

Scholarship funds are used to pay for training. Training might include class books, on-line training, registration for training classes, etc. Travel, meals and accommodations are generally the county's responsibility. Scholarship funds are distributed based on an application with the member county's risk manager's recommendation and an analysis conducted by Risk Pool staff. Scholarship funds are not granted for WCRP-sponsored training.

Currently Available Scholarships