Registration and Fees, Invoicing and Cancellation Procedures

Registration and Fees, Invoicing and Cancellation Procedures for WCRP-Sponsored Trainings

REGISTRATION and FEES: Not all Washington Counties Risk Pool (WCRP) sponsored trainings are open for general public entity attendance. Member Counties' officials and employees may attend all WCRP training classes without charge or only a nominal fee, depending on the course offering. Individual course notices will reflect the course details including the fees for the particular training and whether that course is open to only WCRP member attendees or to other public entities' attendees as well. The WCRP may cancel a course seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled date. Registration for WCRP-sponsored trainings is handled via the Internet at

INVOICING: Registrants will be sent a WCRP invoice for the applicable course fee after the training takes place. Training invoices are due and payable upon receipt.

CANCELLATION: A no-show fee may be assessed as shown below for any WCRP-sponsored training when a registrant does not attend the training without first cancelling their registration 24 hours prior to the training.

$50.00 for in-person
$25.00 for virtual/webinar

To cancel a registration, contact WCRP Member Services at or (360) 292-4500.

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