Welcome to the WCRP Member Programs Page!

The WCRP is passionate about proactive risk reduction and mitigation efforts and the Board of Directors established several programs to aid in this effort. Members of the WCRP are eligible to participate in the extremely valuable programs below. Click to learn more about each program!

Scholarships Looking for access to specialized educational opportunities at no cost or at a discounted rate? Visit to learn more about how you can apply for a scholarship or how you can take advantage of opportunities already available to WCRP members!

Cyber Security Awareness WCRP is promoting cyber security training and awareness by reimbursing member counties for their annual subscriptions with third-party cyber security training vendors. Visit to learn more and how to submit your reimbursement request!

Risk Reduction Each WCRP member county is eligible for reimbursement funding yearly to help finance projects or purchases that will reduce risk exposure. Visit to learn more and how to submit your request!

Lexipol 80/80/80 WCRP will reimburse member counties 80% of their annual Lexipol subscription costs for their Patrol and/or Custody subscriptions. Visit to learn more about the requirements and how to submit your reimbursement request!

Do you have questions about our Member Programs? Please contact us by emailing MemberServices@wcrp.wa.gov.